Open Call for Indo-German Bilateral Workshops

The Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) invites proposals for organising Indo-German workshops on areas of mutual interest with an aim towards creating platforms for substantive interactions between scientists / researchers from academia and industry. The workshops have to take place in India or in Germany and to be designed around a specific research topic out of thematic areas relevant to both DST and BMBF, which includes the thematic areas of 2+2 project calls. Any other relevant topics of very high importance may also be considered. Proposals with a potential for generating follow up activities including joint projects are preferred. Training workshops as well as meetings between two institutions do not fall under the scope of this call.

Cut-off dates: 31st January and 31st July


The Indo-German Science & Technology Centre was established by the Government of India (DST) and Government of Germany (BMBF) to facilitate bilateral science and technology networking and to play a proactive role in catalysing institute - industry cross-border partnerships through joint R&D efforts. IGSTC envisions to:

  • Advance industrial research partnership with mutuality of interest and respect
  • Create platform for cross fertilization of ideas
  • Develop knowledge networks for industrial sectors to enhance competitiveness
  • Establish joint knowledge pools to address global challenges
  • Serve as a nerve centre to promote Indo-German technology partnership

Who can Apply?

Persons holding regular positions in public or private non-profit research organisations, institutions of higher education and universities are eligible to submit applications. The application should be submitted by the coordinating host institution / coordinator.

Type and Extent of Support

  • Event costs for typically not more than 25-30 participants (organisational & logistics expenses, catering, printing & publicity, miscellaneous expenses).
  • International and domestic airfare for participants including transfer to the airport / venue and return. Only those participants with an active role (oral presentation) will be funded.
  • Accommodation (expenses for accommodation in a standard hotel / guest house on actual costs for normally not more than four days).
  • One official dinner.


  • Funding from IGSTC is only supplementary. It is expected that the organisers also contribute to the event. In kind contributions – e.g. venue, personnel – are creditable.
  • Event should be held at the organiser’s premises and this cost is not covered.
  • IGSTC will not pay any daily allowance nor cover any personnel costs.
  • IGSTC will not provide travel support to researchers who are not based in India or Germany.
  • Participation of relevant industries is expected.
  • A detailed draft program including a list of the expected participants has to be submitted along with a brief background document illustrating the importance of the workshop.
  • Involvement of young scientists is highly recommended. Travel support will be provided only to scientists who are pursuing at least their Ph.D., but access to the workshop for younger scientists working in the locality of the venue should be possible.
  • It is expected that the workshop participants belong to various institutions.
  • The utilisation of IGSTC format is mandatory for the application.
  • IGSTC banner should be displayed in prominent places.


Proposals submitted throughout the year will be evaluated (cut-off dates 31st January and 31st July) by an Indo-German Committee considering:

  • Compliance of the thematic area to the portfolio of DST and BMBF (for information on thematic areas of IGSTC Calls, please click here)
  • Scientific scope and novelty
  • Scientific credentials and competitiveness of the participants, hailing from various institutions
  • Presence of topic experts in the participants list
  • PAN-India/Germany presence of participants
  • Number of participants from the industry

Workshop Grant Conditions

The release of the grant is subject to the compliance of the following conditions by the grantee institute and the Workshop Coordinator:

  • Re-appropriation of funds from one head of expenditure to another is not admissible, without prior approval of IGSTC.
  • Air ticketing should be done for the shortest route. No date change/penalty/rerouting/cancellation costs are admissible under IGSTC rules.
  • IGSTC support should be duly acknowledged in all the scientific publications, backdrops, printed materials etc. of the Workshop.
  • Only outstation speakers are eligible for travel and accommodation support from IGSTC.
  • The Workshop Coordinator will forward a Certificate of Participation duly signed by each Indian and German delegates who had been provided with travel support out of IGSTC grant immediately after the Workshop (within two weeks).
  • The Workshop Coordinator should forward the photocopies of air tickets pertaining to German / Indian delegates along with receipts (within two weeks).
  • The grantee Institution will submit an Utilisation Certificate and Statement of Expenditure (UC/SE) to the IGSTC within 2 months after the completion of the workshop. Format for submission of UC/SE is available at here
  • Unspent balance, if any, will be refunded to Indo-German Science & Technology Centre by a demand draft payable at New Delhi/electronic transfer
  • The organising Indian and German Workshop Coordinators will submit a brief report containing summary highlights of the Joint Workshop for posting in the IGSTC website. This should include a brief on the deliberations, technical sessions held, salient outcome in terms of furthering Indo-German co-operation. At least two representative photographs are to be included in the brief (within two weeks).
  • Within two months of completion of the event, the Workshop Coordinator is required to submit a Workshop/Round Table discussion report highlighting all proceedings, discussions, list of all participants with affiliations and E-mail, recommendations, photographs, specific outcome in terms of bilateral Science & Technology co-operation and future plans emerging out of the conference

How to Apply

Proposals should be submitted electronically via IGSTC Application Portal. Please download the proposal format from here.

Apply Online

Normally, results may be communicated to the coordinators within 2 months after the cut-off dates.

Contact - for Workshops in India

Dr. P V Lalitha
Indo-German Science & Technology Centre
Ground Floor, Block – II, Technology Bhavan,
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110016, India
Phone: +91-011-26543500
E-mail: lalitha.pv@igstc.org

Contact - for Workshops in Germany

Mr Hans Westphal
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Project Management Agency
Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1, 53227 Bonn
Phone: +49-228 3821 1473
E-mail: Hans.Westphal@dlr.de