IGSTC supports 2+2 Projects involving industry, academia and research partners, Indo-German Joint Workshops and Industrial Fellowships targeted to young researchers in India to get exposure at German industrial set up in Germany. These are major programmes and grants are disbursed after due procedures and processes with a specific time frame.

The German and Indian “Engineering, Academic & Research” (EAR) community is large and exceeds half a million in numbers. However, our existing programme lines are defined and do not offer the possibility to provide quick assistance to kick off ad-hoc opportunities. There are several other modes & initiatives which require minor funding that the EAR community could utilize to formulate and collaborate for enhancing Indo-German S&T collaboration.

IGSTC can support such initiatives for quick turnaround decisions to address this gap. Through this initiative, support will be given for a proposal that requires modest funding and has the potential to embark on good bilateral Indo-German collaboration.

Applications are accepted throughout the year


To support seed/modest funding for proposals towards:

  • Joint initiatives/ideas that have a scope to ignite and open avenues for long term connect/technology development/new areas of collaboration.
  • Joint activity towards innovation, rapid prototyping, technology demonstration or industrial R&D.
  • Individual proposals that have a high potential of involving industrial sectors.
  • Utilizing scientific events to share intellectual thoughts/ideas that can explore avenues for bilateral cooperation.

Who can apply?

  • Individuals or groups from industry, academic and research institutions.
  • Members/participants in any of the IGSTC programs including workshops.
  • EAR community from ongoing inter-institutional MoUs between India and Germany.
  • Personnel from the industry with specific requirements in applied research, technology development and entrepreneurship.
  • Age limit: below 55 years.

Funding support

  • Up to ₹ 9 lakhs (€ 10000) per proposal.

Applicable categories/areas

The specific areas/categories may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Joint patent applications.
  • To develop a working prototype based on a joint patent.
  • Seed funding for an innovative idea resulting from the networking and connect facilitated through IGSTC.
  • One time grant for initiating basic joint experiments (consumables or per diem) at partner (India/Germany) countries.
  • Support towards utilization of mega/lab facilities for experiments.
  • German and Indian visiting fellows (researchers and academicians) who need ‘additional’ support to expand on networking visits and discussions in their visiting countries.
  • Registration cost for participation in internationally reputed scientific conferences in India/Germany (Only on acceptance of paper. Poster presentation and invitation as a speaker may not be considered).
  • Activity related to technology demonstration of a product.
  • A new concept that can enhance networking or collaboration.
  • Conducting intergroup/institutional joint experiments.
  • Partial support towards organization of/participation in an event.

How to apply?

Apply Online.

In case of any queries, please write to “sing@igstc.org” .

Results will be intimated approximately within 8 weeks of submission.