Programme Details

Indo-German Science & Technology Centre and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) jointly launched the IGSTC-CONNECT Plus Programme in May 2018. The Programme is aimed at boosting Indo-German networking and long term collaboration among the participants of the Indo-German Frontiers of Engineering Symposia (INDOGFOE), which is co-organised by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

INDOGFOE is a series of interdisciplinary, bilateral conferences, which brings together outstanding, early career Indian and German engineers and scientists from industries, universities, and other research institutions. This creates a platform to introduce their areas of research and technical work, thereby facilitating an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge and methodology, which may lead to the development of cooperative networks of young scientists from both countries.

To encourage collaboration among the participants of INDOGFOE, AvH has devised a follow-up Programme CONNECT, which allocates residence allowances for working visits of participants in INDOGFOE partner countries for up to a total of 30 days per conference. In order to support working visits of successful CONNECT applicants from India and Germany, IGSTC will implement, administer and manage the IGSTC-CONNECT Plus Programme. Under this program, IGSTC will support international travel expenses for successful Indian and German CONNECT participants, thus promoting the scientific exchange and networking.

Who can Apply?

The applicant must have participated in one of the INDOGFOE in India or in Germany and must have started a cooperation with at least one participant of the partner country. Cooperating partners must have participated in the same conference. Either the applicant or the hosting partner must be based in India or Germany at the time of application.


All IGSTC-CONNECT Plus applications from Indian and German scientists submitted to AvH along with AvH-CONNECT scheme will be exclusively and independently reviewed and evaluated by AvH according to the principles and practices of AvH-CONNECT. IGSTC will further scrutinize the AvH recommended applications before taking a final decision on travel support.

Funding Support

Travel expenses of successful Indian and German IGSTC-CONNECT Plus applicants are covered in accordance to the following procedure:

  • The travel expenses covered by IGSTC are economy class flight tickets, medical insurance and visa fees. Further, local journey may be covered by shortest route and preferably by public transport. 
  • For Indian applicants, IGSTC may purchase flight tickets or reimburse tickets purchased by the applicant, in accordance with the envisaged travel period (as stated in AvH-CONNECT granting note and ultimately confirmed by the applicant).
  • For German applicants, IGSTC will acquire flight tickets in accordance with the envisaged travel period (as stated in AvH-CONNECT granting note and ultimately confirmed by the applicant) and may consider the air connection suggestions by the applicant. After execution of the ticket purchase, IGSTC will provide digital flight ticket / ticket confirmation details to German applicant in due time.

How to Apply?

Applications should be submitted directly to the Humboldt Foundation along with CONNECT applications. Successful applicants will be informed by IGSTC in writing within a period of three months.

IGSTC will not accept and consider any applications submitted directly to IGSTC.

For more information and application procedure contact AvH Berlin office.