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Invention to Innovation

The Indo-German Science & Technology Centre has been established to facilitate Indo – German S&T Networking and to play a proactive role in catalyzing institute – industry cross-border partnership through joint R&D efforts. The IGSTC envisions to:

  • Advance industrial research partnership with mutuality of interest and respect
  • Create platform for cross fertilization of ideas
  • Develop knowledge networks for industrial sectors to enhance competitiveness
  • Establish joint knowledge pools to address global challenges
  • Serve as a nerve centre to promote Indo-German technology partnership

IGSTC has been registered as a “society’ under Societies Registration Act in India. The Centre is guided by a Governing Body comprising equal members from Germany and india with representation from Government, academia and industry

Objectives of the IGSTC

The overarching principle of strengthening Indo- German R&D networking has opened up enormous challenges and opportunities. The objectives set out for IGSTC therefore are:

  • playing a proactive role in facilitating participation of industry in joint R&D projects,
  • providing/assisting in mobilizing resources to carry out industrial R&D projects, 
  • promoting electronic exchange and dissemination of information on opportunities in bilateral S&T cooperation. The Centre will also prepare/compile state-of-the-art reports on topics of interest with the help of highly qualified scientists and technologists, one from each country,
  • providing individual advice to institutes and industries from either country on the possibilities of Indo-German cooperation and helping in the identification of suitable partners,
  • facilitating and promoting Indo-German bilateral collaborations in basic and applied science, research and technology through substantive interaction among government, academia and industry,
  • encouraging public-private partnerships (PPP) to foster elements of innovation and application and cultivating a culture of cooperation between science and industry,
  • nurturing contacts between young and mid career scientists and technologists to develop a sense of mutual trust, partnership/ leadership and entrepreneurship,
  • developing cooperation through the identification of scientists and scientific institutions of the two countries,

IGSTC Brochure

Photograph of Inauguration of IGSTC